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1. Introduction

By using our website, you agree with the “Code of Conduct for Members” that is detailed below. Every Member is obligated to follow this Code, and can use it with other members.

2. Services

Members guarantee to only publish ads that they can commit to. Members must provide to each other all information related to the costs, the identity of the pets, their identity and any other information deemed necessary for the smooth running of the service.

All Members must ensure that all information provided is accurate, and that they agree with all the terms agreed between them. Eden Garde is not responsible for the accuracy of the information or agreements made between Members.

Members guarantee that they will perform the pet sitting, sale, donation or mating service they published and for which the reservation is registered.

3. Safety

Each Member guarantees that no risks will be taken during the pet sitting and that he or she won’t consume any alcohol or drugs, or medicines that can alter or disrupt one’s ability to take care of the pet.

We ask you to be careful with the information you provide via the website or directly to other Members. You will not know the identity of the people you will communicate with on the website.

We invite you, if necessary, to immediately report any abuse or harassment to Eden Garde by contacting us via

If you are not sure you have to report an abuse, we recommend you to do so anyway.

When Members agree to a pet sitting, adoption, sale or mating service, Eden Garde recommends them to meet before. Eden Garde recommends its Members to have a cell phone in order to be easily reachable.

Members should always check the identity of other Members before finalizing a deal.

Members will not be opposed to, and will not be offended by the wish of another Member to ensure its own security, as described above.

4. Transparency

Members agree to provide to any other Member the information and documents that another Member can reasonably request as part of a pet sitting, sale, adoption or mating service.

We remind you that our community is based on trust and that is why we believe that you are the best ones able to create a trusting environment, especially by leaving comments on your experiences and by assigning ratings to the providers of the services.

If you feel necessary and reassuring to have a guarantee about who will look after your pet, we advise you to ask this person for a copy of his/her ID.

A Member may refuse to sell, pet sit, adopt or offer a mating service if the identity of the other Member does not match the one presented.

5. Rules and Legislation

Any Member of Eden Garde commits to ethically and responsibly use the website. Animal trafficking or any use of the website in a maliciously way is forbidden. Individuals agree to use the mating and selling sections in good faith and in compliance with the regulations.

Professionals (breeders, petsitters) are required to apply the rules of their profession in order to ensure a good experience for every Member.

6. Respecting the communication and matchmaking rules

The website users also commit themselves to respect the communication charter of the website, including in their public exchanges, by not attempting to bypass the rules of the website or having an inappropriate behavior against other Members.

7. Cleanliness

Each Member must ensure the cleanliness of his or her home in order not to offend or annoy any other Member.

8. Ease and conditions

Members must agree on the conditions before the sale, adoption, pet sitting, or the mating service. These conditions will be a part of the agreement between them: the amount, the city they live in, the place where the pet sitting happens and its size, the other animals they own...

9. Information published on the website

No user of the website is authorized to publish defamatory or offensive information that could cause harm to third parties. Eden Garde will remove any information that does not comply to these conditions as soon as it will read it (But Eden Garde does not actively monitor the website in search of such information. That’s why we invite any Member or User to report such content).

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