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How to become Petsitter


If you are willing to apply for a position as a petsitter you would need to register online. There is a form which must be completed online. Your personal details will be required but also the type of service you wish to provide.

Therefore is very important to provide a maximum amount of information in order to maximize your chances to be hired. We would like to advise you that providing your picture could create a relationship of trust with the customer.

Once your application form is completed our team will check all the details and validate your profile or ask you to modify it if necessary.

Your profile has been created now you will be able to receive notifications from our customers.

Work Organisation

Please be aware that Eden Garde is not petsitter’s employer. All quires related to the petsitting should be addressed between the customer and the petsitter. The customer will be able to find the pettsitter but not the reverse.


The terms and payment methods are to be stated between the petsitter and the client. No transaction can happen via the website. Members should agree on the terms and conditions of payment (cash, check, bank account, etc...) before the service is realized.


Eden Garde is committed in protecting its customer’s privacy: Customers will be able to know your first name and the information included in your profile. Only in case if a customer make a reservation that he will obtain your full details of the petsitter : name, address, phone number, meeting point etc.

Meeting point

While you create your account, you will be suggested to select if you wish to receive the animals to your place or to go to the customer’s house.


In order to comply with our policy but also to create a trustful atmosphere a proof of ID or a cheque might be required for both sides.

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